Why not to run a commercial studio

From craigslist:

Looking for a high quality recording studio between Portland and Salem with rates between $12-$20 an hour.

And this isn’t necessarily very low-ball, either. The going rate for small studios seems to be about $25/hour, or $250/day. Imagine buying $50k of equipment + studio construction and trying to recoup that cost, plus pay yourself (assuming a lone engineer/producer). Eek.

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  1. Of course, music is a hit-run business. If you are the producer of a hit song, and you’re in the contract for royalties, then making back $50K may not take long at all.

  2. Good point. I hope that’s what these studio owners are doing.

    And I suppose that most studio owners are musicians themselves, and have built up their rig at least as much to produce their own music as to produce others’.

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